Nuage Bookstand

May 6, 2014
Posted in Furniture

2-made from aluminum

A series of variegated modular bookstands was created by Charlotte Perriand when she worked for Jean Prouvé’s fashion house. Inspiration was drawn from Japanese architecture and furniture design, which Charlotte studied in the land of the rising sun in 1940s. Numerous modules, which the bookstand is composed of, are interchangeable, sliding doors are painted in traditional modernist colors, and screens are made from aluminum.


This bookstand for some reason always catches the eye when we watch movies. As a rule its cine owner is an aesthete and intellectual. Laconic checkered-and-honeycomb design appeals to order, but the shelves are usually chaotically filled with books and magazines. Perhaps that’s the nature of all creative people: striving for orderliness in the world and structuredness around, they create the best artistic chaos. Our bookstand is the same. It will fit into any rational interior — laconic, simple, asymmetrical, multicolored and ironic at the same time.

1-variegated modular
5-rational interior

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