Egg Chair

May 6, 2014
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1-Egg chair

In 1958 the ship of Arne Jacobsen, an architect and designer, came home: he got a grand order for creating interior designs of SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. For him it was in the first instance a good chance to try out his theory of interconnection between architecture and items of interior décor. Everything in this hotel — from door knobs to dining tables – was designed by Jacobsen. And an Egg chair is no exception.


Designer’s opinion: To my mind, this chair is perfect for babies — it is notable that even its name speaks for this association. The wraparound shape of an eggshell diffuses hospitality and benevolence, though a stiff office leg a little bit mars this impression. Anyway, this piece of furniture is extremely functional: it’s rotatable and these special “ears” give a chance to retire into your shell without leaving the room: just turn the chair and take a book.

1-white chair

Egg is hardly suitable for guests – it obviously must belong to the master of house, be his spot for relaxation or receiving guests. One way or another the chair directs the eyes and would be especially good next to a king-size window offering a splendid view.

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