Artichoke Lamp

May 5, 2014
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A story-telling name of this chandelier reveals the source of inspiration for the Danish designer Poul Henningsen – a common artichoke. The lamp is designed in a way, which gives soft scattered light. And thanks to 72 copper petals the bulb doesn’t strike the eye.

1-beautiful lamp

When architects get down to designing items of interior décor or when industrial designers work out the set-ups for restaurants, the fruit of their work is always interesting. Interdisciplinarity and mixture of different fields and functions always make things meaningful and conceptual. Artichoke lamp, just as another Henningsen’s masterpiece, a PH-lamp of 1958, is a true constructivist installation.

2-beautiful lamp

And moreover, being a piece of modern art, it is a full-fledged representative of household appliances. Interior designers believe that this chandelier will stay a world bestseller for many years. It’s laced and good for new-classics style. It’s geometrical and fits into loft and contemporary interiors. And finally, it’s neutral and functional, which makes it perfect for any space.

3-beautiful lamp

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