Outstanding panoramas of fire by Planika at the Conrad hotel in Dubai

April 25, 2014
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1-beautiful fireplace

Project: Izel Restaurant, Conrad Hotel, Dubai
Project by WA International, supervision by Patricia Holler
Year: 2013

The Izel restaurant at the Conrad Hotel is known as an ideal place for a business lunch or family dinner. Apart from an excellent food, the main attraction of the place are breathtaking Planika’s panoramas of fire. From the moment you step in the Izel restaurant, designed by Patricia Holler from WA International, you are graced with amazing views, stylish and modern décor and Planika’s smoke-free fireplaces – Fire Line Automatic.

This unique product can be put into a casing and is equipped with an electronic system used for regulating the flame size. The device is operated with a remote control, which can be programmed so as to operate several joined devices. The bio fireplace can as well be integrated with the Smart Home system, giving even more possibilities to control it with various devices.

Fire Line Automatic is made of the highest quality materials and is equipped with numerous safety sensors monitoring the work of the device. Thanks to the use of the recommended Fanola® fuel and the implementation of the patented BEV technology, it is completely smokeless, does not leave ash or smell. It can actually fit into any space chosen by the client: installed into wall, positioned on the ground or suspended in any furnishing item.

All existing fireplaces located at the restaurant and bar area put together would form a fire line of approximately 14 meters of length. Fire Line Automatic’s natural golden flames create a cosy feeling that can help to relax while enjoying the food.

For those who enjoy spending their time outdoors, 9 of Planika’s portable fireplaces – Totem Commerce have been placed on a terrace to enhance the beauty of the place.

It is another example of bio fireplace which can be placed both indoor and outdoor. The Commerce burner technology used in this product makes it absolutely safe and perfect for luxurious commercial areas, such as restaurants and hotels, SPA resorts, as well as for gardens and patios. That is because the burner is filled with highly absorbent ceramic fibres, which keeps the fuel inside even when the product is pushed over.

Natural golden flames create a wonderful atmosphere and adds a perfect finishing touch to this exceptional restaurant as a piece of unconventional contemporary interior design. All the guests will certainly notice the exceptional, elegant and modern decoration and the atmosphere created by Planika.

2-beautiful fireplace

3-beautiful fireplace

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