April 22, 2014
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Metric area: 154 m²
Ceiling height: up to 3 m
Number of rooms: 3
Floor number: 2

Anthony, Larissa and their three-year-old baby moved in on last Christmas Eve. This apartment located in a fashionable neighborhood of St. Petersburg proved to be more spacious than the previous one and more convenient in terms of infrastructure. The only minus was that the lodging had been absolutely uninhabited for ten years, and a slight facelift of the space wouldn’t be enough.

So the owners decided to turn to professionals and hired the Fisheye Design & Architecture Company. This studio could already boast dozens of famous interior designs, including Barberry Day and Night restaurant and offices of British American Tobacco.

Before getting down to hard and soft works, the architects had all the interior walls demolished: their quality was so poor that some of them even had holes. As the next step the space was divided into public and private zones. The kitchen, dining room, living room and bay-window were made open to each other for big companies. The bedroom, kid’s room and bathroom were, on the contrary, made isolated.

2-apartment located

The owners’ wishes were simple – light color range and more 3D details and recesses. This was achieved by means of erecting lightweight constructions on the walls and ceiling. The original ceiling height was over 3 meters, but it had to be sacrificed for the sake of comprehensive air-vent and lighting systems.

3-apartment located

Interior décor is based on exclusively natural materials: stones in floor insets, bamboo in the entrance hall and shower room, and shells in the bathroom − everything is real. Interestingly, most of the lamps in the lodging are LED. Some constructions (e.g. kitchen ceiling, bookstand for the lounge, wall décor in the kid’s room and bathroom furniture) were designed by the architects and custom-made on a furniture mill in St. Petersburg.

4-large living room

5-kitchen with living room

6-kitchen with living room

7-beautiful tree

8-interesting regiment

9-wood on the ceiling

10-white shadows

11-white shadows

12-many plants


14-spacious bedroom

15-dark tiles

16-dark tiles

17-Reeds on the corridor

18-built-in shelves

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