Pieces of furniture from pallets

April 18, 2014
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Pallets – that one piece of furniture that can stand out clearly, and produce from it a piece of furniture is not as difficult as it might seem at first. Do not look at the tray just like a simple affair, which is designed for a product, and is a tray. From it you can make a large number of pieces of furniture. Pallets can be found just in warehouses, retail chains, and you do not spend a great deal of money, simply because your imagination can do very interesting things that will draw attention. You can also use beautiful and interesting ideas, see photos.

2-green tray

Pallets may be small and bright green or other bright colors that will make the room interesting and unusual. Pallets can be simple and black wheels, thanks to this table can be easily moved to other places of the room.

3-bedside of pallets

Simple pallets can also be used as a bedside table, bedside or sitting room.

4-table of pallets

Using recycled material, suitable for those who follow the ecology and uses only old things, they can be changed by your hands, and because of this will be as unique as this interesting dining table.

5-black table from pallets

Interesting and unusual, this table is an island in the kitchen, behind him as possible and to prepare and gather for dinner.

6-Coffee Table from Pallet

Simple and inexpensive option, attach a piece of glass, put on a wide screw, which is very simple and will look beautiful.

7-old table from pallets

Summer terrace, a great choice for pallet as table legs enough profit to be very practical and stable.

8-narrow table from pallets

The table can be adorned with beautiful flowers and create a romantic atmosphere, despite the roughness of the material.

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