Partitions in Interior Decorations

April 18, 2014
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1-beautiful aquarium

The septum is a really interesting solution in the design of any apartment. They are very diverse and can be made of different materials, can be any size, styles are very diverse and interesting, classic and modern. We made a small selection of partitions, it is possible that some ideas equalize your taste and help to create comfort in your home.

1-beautiful partition

Partitions are used in some cases: for beauty, and for the convenience of living and space division. Wonderful when it combines two in one. Partitions themselves substituted material which has no doors, they can be either on the floor of the room and the room piece. The material used to use partitions – brick, dry wall, and also a tree.

1-beautiful rack

Partitions are usually used between the kitchen and living room, if earlier it was a studio. Also uses in the bedroom, the bathroom, in offices, in the interiors of restaurants and cafes, this option is the coarsest. The partition may be fixed to the ceiling, or it may be extremely inadequate. Forms can also be varied, often used semicircular options, such options are not very successful for small apartments, and are only used in large rooms.

2-beautiful white shelving

Partitions are used for decorating a variety of beautiful fabrics, beautiful accessories, you can also put a beautiful hearth. Also, it can be a variety of useful materials. Niche also can be made of beautiful forest with beautiful patterns, or openwork patterns that very complements any interior. Niche can also deliver and bed, and use it as a hanger for clothes, and other items as well. Some partitions can be used as book niche.

4-many tree

5-light baffle

6-kitchen partition

7-openwork partition

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