Art Nouveau style in the interior

April 17, 2014
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The secret of success Nouveau is not one thing, and once in the many details. Modern style appears in the history of the 19th century. The modern trend is very beautiful and original. It is worth thinking about architecture, it includes such items as: trendy furniture, artwork and jewelry for example. In different areas, this mode is called differently, but the essence is well. Nouveau style returned in style and is becoming popular and modern. This style looks very aristocratic, and steadfastly.

9-amazing bedroom

The main principles in the interior use the right light, it is best to use a subdued light, for example, warm yellow, beige, white, violet, golden hues, and silver.

8-glass and beautiful colors

Nouveau style abhors, straight lines, and only beautiful lines and smooth, which look very ethereal. In this interior line does not have to be tedious and tedious. Even the furniture can be a beautiful and curved line.

7-beautiful chandelier

Lighting in the interior is best to choose muted. Modern – this is the style that fits directly to people romantically, and those-who likes a relaxed atmosphere. Also used lamps with frosted glass, and with beautiful bright skylights.

6-dining area

Besides, the main problem to use only natural materials, for example, wood, glass, stone, marble, beautiful fabrics, fabrics, ceramics. You can also use forged items.

5-cute kitchen

Basic style of Provence is beautiful stained glass windows, they can decorate the whole house, it may be windows, doors, and other pieces of furniture, for example surfaces, or beautiful lamp. You can also decorate the room with furniture. Stained glass windows are very beautiful designs that look very excellent.

4-beautiful bathroom

3-warm lighting

2-beautiful fireplace

1-beautiful staircase

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