Lovely bright interiors in Budapest

April 16, 2014
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This bright and interesting apartment located in Budapest. These magnificent interior designers created Csorba Anita. This very talented designer creates a highly original and striking interior that excite and delight. All her designs are filled with bright accents, moreover, it is able to combine the old with the new stuff, which is very fortunate for those who love all things new, but do not forget about the old vintage things.


The inside of this apartment has bright colors and delicious colors. This apartment is approximately 100 square meters, this flat holds a roomy living room, dining room and comfortable.


The living room wallpaper is really smart and interesting color, with beautiful color. Remind scheme very original, everything is tasteful. In the inside there is a wood stove that lets you warm up the whole ground floor.


Upstairs is a cozy sleeping room on the second floor by a stairway constructed of wood. Staircase decorated with carved patterns, which is really gracious and smart.


The bedroom in this apartment as bright and spicy, and the entire apartment, all decorated bed lamps, lighting, for illustration. In the inside of the bedroom used bright stripes turquoise shades, wall corresponds to the color of fabrics.


In the living room there is a large amount of ivory, which soothes the other bright hues, and harmonizes. The lamp in the interior is very original, chrome, interior light in certain spheres.


Overall, the firm is very intimate, affectionate, and well suited for a new family who has no kids, or they are still in the plans. A warm cozy family, as his tenants.






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