Black and white color in the inside. Apartments in Sweden.

April 16, 2014
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The flat are settled in Sweden, and induce a small area, which is only 48 square meters. The flat is situated in the center of Gothenburg. A small apartment is made very practical and comfortable, and looks very large and spacious, as it causes no extra walls. The interior of the many beautiful and interesting accessories, paintings, and aims.


Kitchen with white color in the interior is very well-off and the work surface in the nighttime. The interior is white, lie along the couch, beautiful pillows in black and white fashion.


The great asset of this interior, it has two outlets to the balcony, which are windows and a balcony. The base is overlaid with light wood flooring emphasizes ease and lightness of color. Dining table that stands in the living room can be easily actuated to the kitchen chairs with beautiful and interesting upholstery in black and ashen.


Despite the small apartment kitchen is great, which means love for cooking, are also potted plants, spices, which are utilized in the kitchen.


The living room is a beautiful snow-white sofa, rug, gray. Standing next to a banquet, which is applied as small shelving for books, paintings. Above the sofa have beautiful photos, covers and other details. Inflammation in the interior zoning, for instance there is a lamp near the lounge, which can clear the area while taking.


In the hall in that respect is a large mirror in a dark frame that decorates the room and makes the area more spacious, the room becomes wide and long, such a magical effect creates a mere mirror.


The railroad tie is very beautiful, practical, there is a little dressing table that folds. Instead of tables used books, and books on a beautiful hanging lamp that is fixtures. Bed with a beautiful rug with black marks. Flats may be owned by creative and positive person with serious appreciation.





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