Modern Living Room Design Ideas

April 15, 2014
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1-beige living room

Living room – is the essence of the entire apartment, often there are going to all the friends, family for a joint vacation. The living room should be operational, pragmatic and easy. Living rooms come in different ways, with different furniture. Perhaps this selection of photos will inspire you to create comfort in your living room.

2-white sofa

Modern living room occupied with great number of blank objects, such as white sofa, rugs. Dilute white, bright accessories or fabrics. Green plants give the interior a clean feel.

4-blue furniture

Blue color goes good with light beige color, and makes living magic, many lighting create a cozy ambiance.

5-gray sofa

In the inside of this room uses a great deal of wood in one color. Wooden floor merges wooden panel on the wall, making a unified whole. The roof is decorated in the shape of a great window with beautiful drawings, and lacks a lot of daylight.

6-white interior

The living room is adorned in white, which forms it really clear and roomy. In the middle of the room is a chic coffee table black matte texture. Comfortable furniture you can comfortably relax.

7-large fireplace

The accent in the living room is made along a black wall, which is adorned with white fake fireplace, inlaid with brick and painted white. Complement the interior bright accessories and furniture. Along the sides of the hearth is a stand with dozens of books.

8-shades of gray

Subtle shades of gray are well in line with the color yellow, which reaches the interior interesting and juicy. The composing of the letters and is attracting important highlight in the inside of the living room.

9-black wall

The contrast of dark and ruddy color in the interior will always be relevant and in demand, but it is worth diluting interior and light shades. Black color looks stylish, strictly, and very modern.

10-beautiful bottles

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