Magical winter gardens

April 15, 2014
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1-garden behind the glass

Winter Garden – a groovy spot to stay, it reminds us of the endless summer, which is present in your house all year round. Winter garden can be created and in a small apartment, you can use indoor plants to beautify and create a warm and cozy apartment.


The garden is a small extension to the house, used large windows that overlook the daylight. A large number of plants to make a green image. At the center of the winter garden is a round table and a small sofa.

3-long garden

Broad and large greenhouse, it is practiced as a winter garden. A great diversity of blooms, plants can cheer up on cold days.

4-wicker Furniture

Create a winter garden, you can use objects made from wood or old items that will remind you of the countryside. This garden is used wicker furniture which creates a snug ambience.

5-Bright and juicy leaves

Winter garden should be dissimilar from the other rooms. This garden decor impresses with its beauty. On the ceiling of green creeper, green plants combine well with natural wood.

6-garden bed

The winter garden filled with green colors creates a clean new feel and draws the interior juicy. The interior of this garden has to rest and rest in the middle of this is a big and comfy bed.

7-many plants

Natural stone blends well with natural shades and in the winter garden, he will be active. The usage of natural stone in the winter garden is a safe thought, since it is very practical, and durable in usage.

8-glazing in the garden

Using textured brick gives the interior a special elegance. In the interior created a certain theme that calls up the summer a little garden in the yard.

9-cozy bar

Winter garden was created in any way, with plenty of space, and large windows. This garden is utilized for leisure guests. In the middle of the room is a comfortable bar. A great number of sofas allow your guests to unwind and savor the beautiful scenes that nature has produced.

10-beautiful garden

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