April 14, 2014
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1-green wall

Metric area: 52 m²
Floor number: 12
Ceiling height: 2.7 m
Number of rooms: 1

Nina bought a one-room apartment in Kiev last year as it was good in all senses: newly-built, located on the right bank of the Dnieper River and not far from the lodging of her elderly parents, who need special care.

The original look of the lodging was simple: empty walls and tie pieces on the floor. In terms of layout alterations were minor: door apertures between a corridor and room were shifted for the sake of a bigger walk-in closet. Decoration was finished within 6 months.

The development of interior design concept was entrusted to an architectural bureau Dmytro Aranchii Architects. Its distinctive feature is specialization on parametric architecture, which combines the creative approach with mathematical calculation and programming.

The task was to organize the space in modern and un-heaped way and with enough modules for storing.

2-long cupboard

The light living room, which serves as a bedroom at the same time, was adorned with a bright green wall and “computing” décor. The latter represents a complicated pattern generated by a special algorithm, which sets the shape and direction of branches from the room entrance to the window. Flooring was inlaid with shockproof German laminated material reminding of concrete. The entire cabinet furniture was manufactured from the architect’s sketches in Kiev. The sofa is also Ukrainian; the black table is made by IKEA.

Mammoths on the windowsill save the memories of Nina’s husband, who was a layout artist by profession and created models for the Museum of Zoology. A wood mask arrived from Africa. Numerous books on interior design and art remained from the days when Nina dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. After participating in the creation of her own home interior she got a new interest — modern architecture.

3-long cupboard

4-wooden shelf

5-white table

6-white table

7-white basket




11-Walk-in closet

12-wooden bathroom

13-dark turquoise

14-dark curtains

The corridor was visually extended by means of large mirror-faced doors leading to the closet. A big number of “public” stuff, such as, for example, a bicycle, is explained by the fact that Nina is frequently visited by her kids and grandchildren.

The bathroom is the only place in the lodging furnished with a non-designer piece – a sink pedestal.

Kitchen interior was approached with the same minimalist idea. White walls are balanced by kitchen set fronts of deep colors. One of the walls is adorned with a parametric tree matching the one in the lounge. The kitchen has a balcony exit.

15-compact kitchen

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