April 14, 2014
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1-black chairs

Metric area: 750 m²
Number of employees: 50

SIAB bank’s office occupies the entire floor of a modern Moscow business centre with panoramic windows and includes a few offices for employees, 7 meeting rooms for premium clients, and a hall for shareholders’ meetings.

Interior design was worked out by Finnish architecture bureau Gullstén-Inkinen Design & Architecture famous for the decoration of’s office. Their job was rewarded by a few international prizes of Best Office Awards 2013 contest, including the “Lighting Design”, “Comfort and Ergonomics” and “Grand Prix” categories.

Each meeting room is designed in a unique way – depending on a client’s psychological type and format of a business deal. Definite effects are reached with the help of engineering, lighting and interior décor solutions for each business scenario. For instance, official negotiations are held by subdued illumination of the glass partition, bright inner light and curtained roller blinds.

2-Room Course

Each room’s individuality stands out during informal meetings. The “Wine chiller” features a secret glass partition changing its transparency mode and hiding a collection of wine. The “Nature” is decorated by purely natural materials, the “Space” is futuristically furnished, and the “Chess” is equipped with a giant chequerboard with chess pieces. The “Golf” conference room is the biggest one, suitable for playing games with business partners. A zest of the “Touch” room is a “Linger A Little Longer” table by Jay Watson, an English designer. At first glance it looks quite ordinary, but a touch of a hand or a cup of tea leave bright light prints on it, which melt away with the lapse of time. Each meeting room features an iPad, which ensures remote control of lighting, microclimate, audio and video equipment and enables the parties to order tea and coffee right in the midst of negotiations.

The hall is also organized in a most functional way: normally it serves for work and leisure of the bank employees, and when needed turns into a conference hall seating up to 50 persons. Here the bank holds round tables, business lunches and presentations.

3-beautiful lamps

4-transparent chair

5-many bottles

6-glass table

7-beautiful legs

8-white table

9-spacious window

10-beautiful lamps

11-white sofa

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