April 14, 2014
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1-black walls

Metric area: 64 m²
Number of rooms: 2
Floor number: 8
Ceiling height: 3 m

Eugene, an IT specialist, purchased an apartment in St. Petersburg last April. By the date of substantial completion this newly-built lodging was absolutely untreated: there was even no underlayment on the floor. So, refurbishment had to be made from the ground up and by the moment of furnishing it had lasted 6 months already. Works were held by a trusted gang of constructors and on a strict schedule. The project designer Anthony had 8 eight years of experience in construction management and a few personal interior designs of private houses and apartments.

In a few words the resulting interior may be described as simple, light and modern. In terms of wall décor preference was given to a typical contemporary model: three painted walls and one glued over with designer texture wallpaper. In the lounge it’s fiddle mottle by Luigi Colani, and in the bedroom − Dieter Langer’s print. As for the flooring, it’s inlaid with three types of materials: parquetry in style of natural oak in the bedroom and lounge, a dense soft carpeting on the recessed balcony, and white ceramic granite with the texture of travertine in the rest of the rooms — both bathrooms, entrance hall, walk-in closet and kitchen. Ceilings of the living room, bedroom and bathrooms are textile.

2-large living room

The space was organized using a few tricks to make it appear visually bigger. Thus, the entrance hall was decorated with a grand symmetrical mirror, a small home office was arranged on the recessed balcony, and the kitchenette was designed with an option of transformation into a guest room for relatives.

Big closets, a small dressing table and bedside tables are custom-made items. The same St. Petersburg mill manufactured a walk-in closet set and furniture for the balcony. The central lamp for the lounge, as well as most of the light sources for this lodging, were made in Spain and ordered from the Internet.

Night lights are also contemplated: ten single LED lamps provide diffused wall illumination. All of them are switched on simultaneously from two points located at different ends of the lodging.

3-white kitchen

4-beautiful coffee table

5--beautiful coffee table



8-spacious hallway

9-spacious bedroom

10-white cabinet

11-white bathroom

For the sake of cleaning convenience the entire small bathroom furniture is suspended. The master bathroom is located next to the bedroom. It’s decorated with an acrylic stone top, which is meant to conceal a roomy cabinet under the sink and a washer/drier hookup.


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