April 14, 2014
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1-white furniture

Metric area: 38.15 m²
Number of rooms: 2
Ceiling height: 2.8 m
Floor number: 6

A small two-room apartment on the outskirts of St. Petersburg belongs to a young girl. She bought this lodging when it looked more like a log cabin – entirely timbered by its ex-owners. The new master was dead against oak and pine and released the space from them giving way to additional 3 m² of rentable area.

Interior design was ordered from a professional designer who was entrusted with a task to turn the log hut into a spaceship. Among the hostess’ requirements was efficient utilization of a tight space by means of well-though-out zoning including a kitchenette, bedroom, bonus sleeping berth for guests, home office and walk-in closet. Finishing materials were the following: plastic, glass, metal, artificial stone. On looking closer you may notice the frequent use of photocopying: on glass (cooking zone), on paper (bedroom wallpaper) and on fabric (roller blinds and textile accessories). All the images of space presented in this lodging are real photos downloaded from NASA’s Web-site.

The designer also sought to reflect in the interior the owner’s passion for architecture and fashion. This was implemented by means of Tulip chair designed by Eero Saarinen back in 1956, Mirror Ball Pendant lamps by Tom Dixon and Ether chandelier manufactured by Murano Due and designed by Patrick Jouin.

2-bed space

A multilevel ceiling in the lounge is meant to expand the space visually in both vertical and horizontal dimensions. Custom-designed built-in furniture and shockproof sliding doors were specially designed with space-saving in mind. Window faces feature lamps for nighttime accent lighting of curtains. Though the hostess doesn’t watch TV, the designer left an area for it, since it might be used for playing video games.

A small bedroom features an Italian bed by B&B, a sliding door wardrobe and home office. A circle in the center balances and soothes the trapezi form room.


4-comfortable sofa

5-narrow room

In the kitchen zone appliances are built-in and a corian home bar is custom-made. The latter traditionally separates the lounge zone from the kitchen. The living room includes a bonus sleeping place. The spice of the bathroom is LED lights with a few modes of color and intensity.

6-comfortable seats

7-glass chandeliers

8-space on the windows

9-many books

10-narrow bath

11-narrow bath

12-suspended ceiling

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