April 14, 2014
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1-blue table

Metric area: 160 m²
Number of employees: 1-6

Ecoworking — is a co-working project, which was launched just a few months ago within the framework of the “New Holland “Island” project. Just as the rest of the office spaces on the island it occupies one of the containers in the neighbor of an information desk, book shop and kid’s zone.

The co-working space was designed and arranged within 40 days. Its interior was planned by a team of architects, designers and decorators. Their efforts were directed towards turning a long and narrow corridor-type space into a set of full-fledged zones: reception, mini-kitchen, office and meeting ones. To crown it all, the pavilion was supplemented with a terrace, which can be also let on lease. All the surfaces, with the exception of flooring, are coated with a special paint for blackboards, and each resident is entitled to arrange his/her working place in his or her own way. A special spot was allotted for relaxation − big screens, play stations and bright bean bag chairs create the proper atmosphere.

There are no special requirements for co-working residents: the space is open for both subscribers and for one-time use. Besides a desk, notebook and office equipment, a visitor gets an access to the project’s database, which displays on-line data about everyone working under one roof on this island. Besides, Ecoworking has great plans for the summer – free educational, sports and cultural events within the framework of the project.

2-blue table

3-wooden lattice


5-chair bags

6-large monitors


8-long corridor

9-long corridor

10-beautiful view

11-comfy pillows

12-environmental work

13-environmental work

14-beautiful wardrobe

15-chalk boards

16-bright workplace

17-green boxes

18-black lamp

19-large board

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