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April 11, 2014
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Modern apartment in a bright color is in Vancouver. In this apartment is home to small family.  Apartment Interior careful attention to detail as very little space and the parameters are small apartments. The designer worked hard and long on the interior to make it perfect and cozy. The interior has become a luxury, positive, and cozy.

2-white sinks

Designing a very small apartment complex, it is necessary to properly design and make all functional apartments, while creating a color palette that will be pleasing to the eye, and blend well with a variety of fabrics.

3-wooden wall

Transitions in the rooms and the entire inside is very smooth, the interior as a whole in the vivid colors and warm shades of beige, which amplify the space. Warm bath rugs and accessories made of wood, look into the interior is very beautiful and noble.

4-2 beds

The apartment has very thin walls, doors to suit all built and has sliding is very usable. The interior has beautiful wood paneled walls. For example, children’s room in bright colors, because of the low ceiling lights were on the wall that serves near beds.

5-large TV

Fitted furniture looks like a wall, which is a huge TV. In the built-in furniture is a table for work, and conjoint regiment also intended for items.

6-large window

On the other hand living room papered in the form of black-and-white card, and the window is located in the room, and has a square shape.

7-round tables

View, light parquet floor, beautiful white tables, creates a cozy atmosphere, and a Power also owns a large window, which you can easily hide the light curtain and create a cozy atmosphere.

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