A four-room apartment on Rubinshteina with a spacious layout and a secret room behind library cases

April 11, 2014
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1-beige corridor

Andrey – an employee of an international organization in the Hague,
Katya – a housewife,
Nikita and Kseniya – their children.

130 sq.m


2.7 m

A spacious four-room apartment was rebuilt from a former communal apartment on Rubinshteina street. The hosts live in the Hague now, but they are planning to move to St. Petersburg soon. They developed the design together with their friend Oksana Agadzhanova, the designer, remotely.

The repair was made from the scratch: the floor was grouted, ceilings were stretched, door apertures were widened, the corridor was enlarged, and the kitchen was partially combined with the living-room. Many interior objects were found at European jumble markets. Part of furniture was restored. The hosts don’t want to clutter up the space. Only personals, books, souvenirs from travels will be brought here.

2-picture in the middle

The picture on the wall is a present from a famous Leningrad artist of 1960–1970 to Andrey’s grandmother.

3-white door

4-bright bedroom

5-beautiful wardrobe

The wardrobe was found in the Internet, it was sanded and painted.

6-large bed

The designer assembled the wardrobe in the bedroom by herself.

7-light floor

Wooden white doors were ordered in Belarus.  Lamps were hung in the corridor.

8-many hooks

Hangers were bought at a jumble market in the Hague for a mere song.

9-dark curtains

10-dark wallpaper

The living-room was combined with the kitchen.

11-black sofa

The picture over the sofa shades grey walls perfectly.

12-white table

13-bright picture

The picture with a girl was bought in Paris.

14-beautiful arch

Restored antique chairs.

15-brown kitchen

16-white cabinet

The Soviet times sideboard in the kitchen was sanded and painted

17-white cabinet

18-round table

The lamp was brought from Hague. The chain for it was selected in St. Petersburg.

19-white chest of drawers

20-white countertop

21-old cupboard

The case in the library aged 150 was found in one of the rooms of a former communal apartment



There is a secret room, Bluebeard’s room, as the hostess call it, behind library cases. This is the hostess’ dream from childhood.


First books will be brought from Hague. The hosts will replenish the library regularly.

25-old picture

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