10 original bedrooms in blue

April 11, 2014
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Blue is the color used in the bedroom for relaxation and rest. The blue color formed during the epoch of empire. Earlier walls painted in pale blue color, and the inside was just dark furniture. Blue color in the interior is associated with relaxation, blue sky, and nature. Blue color always adjusts to the relaxation and daydreaming, and dives into his ideas. Blue shades should be applied with care in order not to induce depression. A large number of blue, blue annoying.

2-white bed

In the inside of the bedroom with plenty of natural colors, leaving owners to paint the bedroom completely blue, daytime room filled day sunlight. Bright objects distract from the solid blue.

3-mirror over the bed

Light milky color, beige, perfectly with the blue hues, the color blue also goes well with pale pinkish. To enliven the rooms were picked up bright objects such as mirrors and bright blue pillows and black-and-white stripes.

4-blue chest of drawers

Orchestration blue color with green hues gives rooms create comfort, cleanliness and harmony. Bright accessories will create a particular feel to the inside.

5-wallpaper with cucumbers

Main bedroom takes place in bed, a large, wide and comfortable. In the head of the bed is very original and attractive figure. The interior uses bright and wall papered with cucumbers.

6-beautiful wallpaper

Beautiful and blue color goes good with white, like drawing on the wallpaper in the anatomy of blossoms. Right next to the bed. Cost original chair beside the bed in color wallpaper.

7-beautiful view

Headboard light walnut color, very unusual and interesting, nutty color goes well with spicy.

8striped wallpaper

Bedroom in design with white wallpaper looks really decent and original. Strip visually increases the size of the room and makes the roofs in a higher place.


The inside of this room has been made for a small female child, bright toys make the room more interesting. Open wardrobe looks very original.

10-nursery for baby

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