10 examples of cozy benches sills

April 11, 2014
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1-bright pillows

Sill in the inside and the bench looks very beautiful and interesting, it is obvious that this bench is the aspiration of many. The bench is not alone in the interior decor, but also below the bench has drawers for things.

2-light pink

The memory box can be pictures, they can also be closed cabinets underneath. Thanks to these benches can easily, save space, or hide all junk or vice versa put shelves in your favorite books, magazines, or affairs that should perpetually be at hand.

3-living room

Bench about the sill suit creative and dreamy, who enjoys to paint, take a script, or watch out the window for nature.


Sill, combined with bench can be not merely operational, but also easy to stay and storage, it can to be a decorative ingredient.

5-sill in the nursery

Beautiful and interesting room is not only room for the baby, but also for recreation and living art, a large window in the room with three windows. Closed bench with drawers where you can store linens and other things.

6-large sill

Beautiful, and a small living room, instead of a sofa using a bench by the window sill, which provides a beautiful panorama of the sea and the surrounding countryside.

7-bright pillows

Possibility to decorate the bench bright and varied pillows that freshen the room riot of colors.

8-white room

Light and snow-white room, coffee table have a crystalline texture that does not clutter the space. Sills decorated in white along the sides have white chests.

9-plaid pillows

Children’s room design with such a bright windowsill can be a place to sleep, the example of there can sleep a child, or a dog or cat that is also really convenient.

10Scandinavian style

Window size complicates the job of creating a work bench along the windowpane. Even a small window allows you to make an interesting and unique way to stay, even though it is low, but it is possible to sit and stay.

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