Spacious Penthouse in Moscow

April 10, 2014
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Lovely and spacious ground floor which is placed in the loft. The flat is situated in this room not far from Moscow. The principal color in the interior red - dark. This undertaking was done in a simple and ordinary house that so moves with its size and beauty. This interior has a beautiful and interesting house, which contains a stark model of industrial style. Old floors, rough walls.


The visual area of the apartment is large and roomy, but it’s simply the right mobile solution and from the designer who created the designer correctly. In fact, little apartment. Only the architects did a respectable job on the transformation of furniture. All the furniture in the family can easily combine and transform.


Furniture in the interior can be easily transformed, for example living room is very simple can turn into a dance floor for entertainment.


Bedrooms can easily bend into a level where you can hold small events with your guests or friends.


To preserve space in the apartment, workplace was on the mezzanine, which is very creative and interesting.


The highlight of the interior and large wooden beams that make the interior a great and beautiful scene, emphasizing the state home.


To edit the interior dark color used green plants in the form of simple herbs is planted in simple pots, and also in large bowl.


The interior uses large cushioned chairs, which can oblige your friends.


Bed, workspace, and stars look very interesting and unusual, as it is one piece and linked with each other.


Stay put in the interior made of wood, are located above the ceiling and ceiling mounted lights that illuminate the way considerably. Staircase built into the wall, and it seems that she is in a state of lightness.

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