Spacious loft in Scandinavian style

April 10, 2014
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This loft style very stylish and beautiful. Apartment – spacious, built in Scandinavian fashion. The apartment is used by a large number of white and gray shades that allows us to identify Scandinavian style. Due to two white interior looks a little more visually enhances the space.


White walls well, mixed with beautiful dark walls and wooden floors. White color blends perfectly with black, classic, always and everywhere well.


The hopeful and interesting apartment is in an old building in 1920, has since been done a great deal of work and repairs. The flat is situated in the heart of Poznan.


The sleeper is in a spacious room, gray wall in the room makes the room boring, a large window that overlooks a large amount of light, making the room light. Opposite the table receives a comfortable work desk.


Living room with minimal pattern. Floor in the room of light floorboard. Placed out along the floor braided ottomans that are round in form.


The support room has beautiful hanging shelves for books and accessories. Most of the furniture bought at Ikea, which is ideal for creating a Scandinavian flair.


The living way is the original coffee table constructed of forest, metal legs. Couch is the color of coffee with milk, which are adorned with colorful cushions.


The black, white kitchen is fenced off by a wall which separates the lowest room, kitchen practical, in that respect is a dining table.


A wall, which underwrites and closes the kitchen and waits on the mirror, which is real commodious. Above the dining table hangs the original lamp, a large wood shaving.


From antiquity remained in the apartment, brick wall, which was painted white, which gets out its vintage and rudeness.


In the kitchen and near the dining table, there is a rack of white, where hanging clothes, handbags and shoes are.


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