Small and beautiful apartment in Moscow

April 10, 2014
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Small flat, which occupies is only 42 square meters. This smart flat is owned by a very beautiful, wonderful hostess Svetlana. The flat is in an old mansion, and the apartment itself was completely redone the taste of the proprietor. The flat is filled with vivid and beautiful accessories and furniture are also vivid and interesting.


The inside of the apartment is very small, the wall in the living room has a wall which shows a way that appears very realistic, were used expensive wallpaper. This movie did a professional photographer, and plucked her up perfectly for creating such a beautiful interior.


Further interior made was matched to the mural, namely all the colors, furniture, accessories, carpet, and other supplements. For example, in the interior also looks good and clear glass furniture.


Near the window is a beautiful and large transparent table and two chairs that look like in weightlessness. Windows are located on the inclines of the mirror, which prepares the way even more.


Small apartment doesn’t allow options to frame in a big bed apartment. The sofa was placed specifically to be able to correctly fit into the rampart. The sofa was made to order from Eco material, made of Karelian birch. Metamorphosed into a couch bed for only need to bump off the pillows and push the bed, and open it. Firing up in the interior of the zones, beautiful light fixtures hang over the faces of the cot.


Small and beautiful soft sofa sleeper shares, and a living room, dining room. Deep down this sofa has a comfortable, where you can stash away things, and pull through space. Likewise in the different zones are different carpets, to carve up the zone.


This little apartment has three long windows that fill the room good daylight, which is very convenient and practical. The architect was able to produce a pleasant atmosphere, and correctly identify each zone. Simple furniture would not be relevant in such a modest flat. Nearly all the furniture was made to ordain.



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