Cozy apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden

April 10, 2014
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Bright and very nice apartment situated in Sweden. The total area is about 60 square meters. The flat is situated in the little town of Gothenburg. The inside receives a lovely spiral staircase. Flair in the interior created in Scandinavian fashion.


The living room floors are made of blond wood. Closet in the interior of an old and a light gloss. Professorships in the interior with interesting, unusual frame.


The living room holds a beautiful vintage staircase, steps made of wooden steps, and the physical body is constructed of metal.


The kitchen is very small, but compact, convenient for cooking, everything you need is right at your fingertips.


The kitchen is small, but it looks smashing, clean. The walls are lined with broad white tiles.


Attempted to place in the kitchen, all you need: dishwasher, range hood, electric range, and refrigerator. The kitchen has an interesting lamp, which is sited on a spring.


Next to the sink have shelves for storing spices, grains, spices. There countertop for dishes that can be allowed to dry.


The bathroom deserves special attention, on the one hand and small tiles, black tile, and on the other face of the heavy tiles and white. There is a mirror on a springiness that has become popular in this plane.


Tile two different grains and different colors produce a particular mood, makes the room very interesting, with a spin. Outdoor sink, without unnecessary closed shelves, there are simple shelves.


The living room window is clear, no drapes, letting the room have natural light. Vintage furniture is used, with a flea market.


In the nook of the room is a comfortable chair that seems very innovative and is comfortable rocking chairs. Above there is a comfortable chair, lamp that directs light to a book that bestows to a comfortable reading.


Lockers in the interior are not present, and then use simple shelves, hidden behind curtains. The apartment is bright, with no extra bulky furniture.





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