Small apartment for a lonely young lady

April 9, 2014
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1-spring room

Beautiful and bright apartment is situated in Stockholm. The apartment is really promising, and bounces. The entire area is very small 22 square meters. This apartment belongs to a young woman and dreaming.

3-beautiful table

The bedroom is a room and a living room, white and very beautiful. The inside receives a coffee table, and there is a table for ladies, for you can smarten up. The basic colors are used: white, pink, and milk. The brightest color is gold, which is exhibited on a gilt mirror that resembles a mirror.

3-floor lamp made ​​of cloth

Sleeper also has white accessories such as floor lamp white, white mantles, and a white chandelier, or a white carpet, vase, and even a picture with white accents.

4-beautiful mirror

The chamber has two mirrors, one in a golden frame, the other in the approximate color of light forest, and also owns a convenient square stool.

5-white vase

A table decorated with burnished and beautiful colors, which are also white, and green leaves diluted atmosphere.

6-beautiful mirror

Near the bed is also worth a floor lamp white, and standing side by side to a beautiful and bright vase with flowers, which reminds us of the spring motives.

7-light window

The inner window sill differs from the white interior, it has a dark, old wooden white window.

8-white bath

Toilet in a classic clean design, simple, classic cuisine laid. Whiteness ideal interior diluted pink accessories, and fabrics. The battery hanging pink towel by the sink is pink napkins.

9-white kitchen

The kitchen is also a classic and simple, no nonsense all, hiding in lockers, despite all white rooms, the flat is really fair and snowy, which is cut with bright objects: dishes, flowers and cloths.

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