One bedroom bright apartment in Stockholm

April 9, 2014
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1-light style

Lovely and smart apartment in which there are two small apartments, the entire expanse of the apartment is 43 square meters. This magical apartment is situated in Stockholm. The inside is ornamented in a livid color, with warm shades of beige.

2-basket in the corner

The master bedroom suite has no square-shaped room has a rhombus pattern. Window sills are beautiful and blossoming flowers. In the nook of the room is a laundry basket, a basketball hoop hanging over the bags on hooks.

3-white bed

The bedroom is small but compact and functional. By the bed is a closet with beautiful curtains in beige, which hide the fact that they’re behind the benches. Above the bed is a little shelf with paintings and statuettes. Above the bottom there is a beautiful lamp that resembles a pearl earring.

4-light corridor

Living room, open walls in the room are painted white, next to the coffee table stands a comfortable wicker chair, which is built up with a snowy cloth, used in the interior of natural wood furniture.

5-comfortable kitchen

The kitchen is modest but very thick and functional, made in white, but possesses a black glossy tabletop light, which produces the dividing line in the kitchen, apron made of brick, white kitchen in classical mode, but it seems really mod.

6-small space

Kitchen and living room connection is really succinct and handy in the kitchen white floor made of wood blends well with the kitchen. The passage starts with dark beige sofa.

7-small space

A pros cuisine that inside cabinets with stained glass windows have lights, which is real interesting and harmonious expression.

8-bright kitchen

The living room holds a comfortable table where you can spend time at dinner, or read a book. Opposite the table are convenient shelves that can store books and other particulars.

9-cozy living room

10-cozy living room

11-triangular table

12-triangular table


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