Modern apartment in Toronto

April 9, 2014
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1-bright balls

Beautiful flat located in the attic, and Toronto, it is filled with bright colors, innovative furniture and beautiful accessories. The interior uses beautiful and interesting decoration made of artificial materials. The interior decoration of brick used materials. The interior uses old and vintage furniture. No need to fear the combination of modern furniture with old wood, brick and marble.


Apartment Interior places resemble a gallery, museum, since filled apartment with beautiful paintings, photographs, and designer supplements. In the corridor stands hanger with interesting lighting that hits and publishes it as decor.

3-white interior

The work was also graced with a twist, table resembles a naked man, who sat on his knees, part of table has long and thin branches, and on the other side there is a beautiful shelf that can drive. In the interior of a big amount of white, and a little black accessory.

4-brick wall

Room in the interior of the white and the interior is beautiful and creates a cold brick wall about the window. The window is small and narrow, reminiscent of the picture with stunning views of the city street, where everything is always changing. In the inside of the living room is used several journal little tables, a variety of colors. The rug has a racy and beautiful color.


The interior is very beautiful image of a woman in a gloomy kitchen, which looks like an icon is displayed in the living room through a beautiful glass. Kitchen done in retro style is bleak, red, and the gloss of dark brick. Partition kitchen and living room look very harmonious and dark color, burgundy interior makes a very racy and graceful.

6-brick wall

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