3 beautiful and interesting colors in the interior

April 9, 2014
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1-red channel

Bright and contrasting apartment belongs to a beautiful and endearing. The apartment is small, standard and studio. Happy living room serves as a leisure and entertainment with friends. Evening living room is easily converted into a bedroom. The only negative, picking up the seam in the mornings and in the evenings living. Likewise there is a comfortable and beautiful sofa on which to relax. Near the loggia is a comfortable closet. The highlight of the interior beautiful and interesting doors that are sliding, which is very convenient and practical.

2-black walls

The kitchen is modest but very practical interior room black with red accents and interesting. Floor in the room is laid out with beautiful tiles. Near the wall and there is a convenient breakfast bar with bar stools. Also has a comfortable table, instead sill, which can also be used for the meal.

3-bright walls

The corridor is very big and spacious, it looks great in black and shiny color. Look interesting on the floor, on the walls is also present gloss. On the wall are a heavy mirror, which increases the space and draws the apartment more than it really is.

4-red tile

Bathroom bright, beautiful, and very colorful. Used mosaic tiles, with a scattered manner, in the bathroom creates a 3d effect.

5-black room

The living room is likewise the main color black, the color so depressing, white furniture and white ceiling soften black, making the room more beautiful and interesting. TV was collected beautiful black niche. Niche TV is made of bare drywall, there are convenient shelves for books and has glass shelves. Shelving in interior blends into the background black walls, thus very practical and convenient.

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