April 8, 2014
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Metric area: 72 m²
Number of rooms: 3
Ceiling height: 2.6 m
Floor number: 8

This newly-built apartment in the south of St. Petersburg is so far inhabitable, but the owner, a 25-year-old girl, plans to move in this April.

Initially the lodging was three-room, with a standard layout — tight kitchen, separate bathroom and toilet, narrow corridor and small balcony. As a result of all the alterations most of the rooms and spaces were made open to each other. Thus, the hall gradually flows into the lounge, the lounge — into the kitchen. Having sacrificed a piece of the corridor, the owner got a full-fledged bathroom unit including the toilet.

Renovation works lasted 1.5 years. All this tine the owner planned the eclectic interior on her own: it was her idea to mix pastel shades with elements of shabby chic, ethnic motives — with French Provence, and floral ornaments — with reserved décor in Scandinavian style. As far as walls are concerned, here traditional wallpaper wasn’t used intentionally. Instead, preference was given to artificial brick, mosaic, paints and bleached lining boards. But on the other hand, wallpaper is present on the ceiling. The American one is glued in the “kid’s” room — small floral pattern is meant to match the ornament on the curtains. The bamboo one in the kitchen is painted wenge to contrast with white flooring and ceiling beams. Walls and ceiling on the balcony are boarded with parquetry.


3-gray kitchen

4-original lamp

5-spacious kitchen

6-beautiful tableware


The lodging is full of details: fanciful door handles, multiple figurines, house plants. A big deal of the details are hand-made. The designer had to learn woodcutting while decorating the door ways; handles and knobs on the furniture, cast iron racks for balcony tables and a radiator were also beautified by her. Mosaic insertions on the doors of a built-in closet were made by the hostess and her Mom. One more decorative trick is interior doors with different types of thin veneer sheets on each side.
Pictures arrived from different sources: European flea markets, Grandma’s heritage and the designer’s private collection.

8-hite wall

9-beautiful chair

9-white table

10-vintage lamp


12-big hall


14-briht bedroom


16-blue napkins

17-cool lamp


Bathroom is the special pride of the hostess. Especially because of the combination of “rusty tile”, street lamps with greenish patina and crying vulgar sanitary porcelain. The latter is represented by a bath tub on lion’s paws and a “throne” toilet bowl. Bath accessories, flowers and candles are kept in a forged bird’s cage.

19-brown bathroom

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