Modern apartment in central Oslo

April 7, 2014
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Beautiful and roomy flat is situated in Norway. Norway – Nordic country, and consequently living in this country people have to keep warm in their fundamentals apartments and houses. In Norway, the most ordinarily used in Scandinavian fashion. The insides of all rooms light color. When purchasing a dwelling house, residents provided a standard light background, and apartment owners may have to stick it to your liking, and gain modifications.


The flats are very large Norwegian Law in rooms that let in plenty of daylight. Daylight allows dissipate daylight, taking in the interior natural. In the evening the lights are included, they are employed in the interior in large amounts.

3-spacious living room

White walls in the interior are adorned with a heavy of beautiful paintings, different proportions in different fabrics. The paintings are the subject of predilection of the proprietors, which argues the high spirituality. They are located in all rooms, but do not overload the interior. For light walls, which is to choose a black frame, or bright frameworks.

4-beautiful wardrobe

5-comfortable kitchen

Norwegian apartments are renowned for their fireplaces or stoves that are employed in the interior. Furnaces are used in homes woodstoves, they are better warm apartment. The fireplace perfect place may be that serves decorative objects, figurines and accessories. Pure white interior decorates bright, vivid colors. Besides, particular care should be paid to textiles, choose bright pillows, curtains enliven the interior.

6-beautiful countertop

7-gray countertop

8-white piano

The interior of this apartment is the main bright color – turquoise and blue shades. The most outstanding thing in the interior turquoise sofa in retro fashion. The interior and accessories are used in white. On that point is even a beautiful white piano with scuffed, which renders it a vintage.

9-white piano

10-beautiful chair

Bedroom in a snow-white interior, there are just a couple of sections of wood color and pattern in gilt frames. The bedroom has a large window in the form of an arch. Near the window is a long, narrow board with a glass top, which creates weightless

11-turquoise cushions

12-turquoise cushions

13-white wall


15-beautiful building

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