April 7, 2014
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Metric area: 50 m²
Floor number: 7
Ceiling height: 3.2 m
Number of rooms: 1

On graduating from Moscow Architectural Institute Thamar decided to go further and continued her studies in Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design. Her graduation project was dedicated to Russian avant-garde — the trend which influenced Thamar’s personal tastes with its geometry, laconism and functionality. According to the girl, it’s easier for her to think in large-scale dimensions and with no excessive embellishment. Maybe that’s why she more willingly takes up public spaces, museums and offices, than apartment interiors.

This rented dwelling became kind of an experimental ground for implementing the girl’s architectural thinking, which is based on a functional component in the first place. Meanwhile, comfort and coziness are reached by the simplicity of shapes and balanced color range. Thamar moved in this dwelling just a couple of months ago, when it represented an empty perimeter with original surface finish of the walls and rough veneer flooring. Within just a fortnight the tenant made it suitable and comfortable for her living.


The primary idea was to make the space white walled, but the landlady wouldn’t permit this: the texture and color of the walls is a fruit of long work of a professional artist. Well, in a couple of weeks Thamar got used to the walls and even liked the way they set off an already light space with plenty of natural light coming from 4 windows. The rough veneer flooring conventionally used as an intermediate layer before final finishing was polished, glazed and painted. The result proved to be unexpectedly good both in terms of visual aspect and tactile sensation.

Since Thamar spends most of her time at home, she wanted her living space to be a middle ground between a lodging and a workshop. The compromise was found in a nonstandard, yet not overloaded with domestic stuff and personal things, space, which is comfortable for both living and working. Classic conveniences were replaced with alternatives: for example, there is no stove here, but almost anything can be cooked using multicooker, blender and electric kettle. Guests say that this lodging is quite Spartan, especially for a girl, but in truth most of her belongings are stored in the parents’ lodging, who live nearby. So this dwelling keeps merely seasonal stuff.


4-bed in the corner



7-Wall shelves

8-corner of the room




12-white table

13-beautiful table


15-beautiful wall

The lodging is minimally furnished: built-in shelves for storing books and magazines on architecture, wide windowsills arranged as places for sitting and desks, and some other items made from Thamar’s sketches (table, kitchen set and bathroom stairs). Copper tumbler switches are made in Russia and remind of early 2000s. As for the gray-walled bathroom, it’s finished with waterproof mastic for smoothing swimming pools. Thamar refreshed it by painting the pipes her favorite Tiffany turquoise.




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