Happy colourful apartment

April 7, 2014
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Bright flat with tons of beautiful and shiny accessories. This apartment will definitely elevate your spirits. To make an optimistic interior important to pick out not just the setting, but besides the correct accessories. Pay attention to the brilliant elements that will freshen the room, and please note. To adorn the apartment, and for the foundation of its brightness were used the following color options: Pure white, orange, scarlet, blue, dark, greenish. Usually almost all of these colors refer to positive rainbow.


An apartment in this interior is two low rooms. The living room is very wide, the interior uses a brilliant image with red elements. The inside uses a vivid and positive carpet that makes a fun and confident aura.

3-white wall

Furniture for interior uses a contrasting dark color that combines perfectly with the snowy walls. A black cabinet looks chic. To create comfort and hospitality uses a great number of small pillows.

4-bright carpet

The designer did a great job in the interior and has created an atmosphere of weightlessness, and it seems that there is more than apartment. To create more room designer combined kitchen and living room, so the room looks larger and more spacious. Sometimes unnecessary partitions share a room while doing little room, uncomfortable and brings discomfort.

5-spacious living room

The kitchen was installed convenient partition that separates the living room area, and kitchen. The bar can be used to spend time with the guests, followed by possible not only for breakfast, but also to receive guests. Working area in the kitchen is closed, but allows convenient lighting without feeling discomfort through the proper coverage area.

6-beautiful lamps

7-red carpets

8-white furniture


10-green accents

11-round rug

12-beautiful curtains

13-orange bathroom

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