Great house in peaceful location

April 7, 2014
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Bright, and summer house, which sidesteps the whole year round warm and spring days. Outside the house there is a large amount of greenery and a large number of plants inside. Conclusion to the house at that place is a spacious large summer terrace, which lets you to slow down at any time. Comfort provides a unique wicker furniture such as chairs, and also rattan furniture. The summer terrace furniture decorates a large number of bright textiles such as pillows, tablecloths. On the tables are vibrant and vivid colors.

2-bright flowers

Summer terrace decorated with beautiful illuminations in the style of Shabby chic that resemble bird cages. The principal color in the interior, which is used by white, white always refers to air, light and pleasant color. This gloss has a positive effect on mood, and permits you to slow down. White, complementary natural shades, interior light and romantic flair.

3-blue tablecloth

The inside utilizes a heavy quantity of green gloss, it calms the nervous scheme, and uplifting. The greens are in all rooms, as considerably as in the room and on the patio. Each room looks harmonious and practical, in the interior uses a little measure of furniture that clutter the room. Furniture for interior uses in the French manner. The most beautiful spot in the bedroom house, which is under a beautiful ceiling with a beautiful view, which brings joy to their possessors.

4-bright flowers

The interior is not used variegated shades to draw in attention. Bright spots in the interior replace fresh flowers bright colors: pink, yellowish, purple, these colors pleasing to the optic. The inside utilizes a big number of decorative elements. To create harmony and comfort bedding used shades that produce harmony in every way.

5-purple flowers

6-beautiful tableware

7-large living room

8-square table

9-square table

10-beautiful pillows

11-beautiful tableware

12-bright chandelier

13-beautiful service

14-Background with flowers

15-big pillow

16-beautiful flowerpot

17-corner window

18-beautiful pot

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