Two-Room Apartment in Sweden

April 4, 2014
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1- Apartment in Sweden

The snow-white apartment consists of two rooms. The flat is situated in Sweden and thus for her practical Scandinavian style. Pure white interior diluted decorative objects, and a variety of paintings, furniture.

2-lots of windows

Living room connected to the kitchen and dining room. In the inside of the living room to watch the large windows that look out on the daylight.

3-white kitchen

The walls in the apartment exclusively white, light wood floor, ceiling interior tension, use a large amount of coverage.

4-bright chair

The dining area is situated in the corner of the kitchen, use white table, and stand around beautiful chairs on the original pegs. From a window overlooking a lovely panorama of the metropolis.

5-round table

6-bright countertop

Convenient and practical kitchen, work apron trimmed with white matte tiles. Different from white countertop, kitchen countertop has a pale walnut color. Tech built-in furniture.

7-comfortable hood

The kitchen holds a built-in refrigerator, which is concealed in the closet, and not distracting. Food storage boxes, small quantity that does not clutter the space. Over the stove has a comfortable hood steel color.


Bedroom built in classic frame, it seems like a living room. Used the same materials.

9-bright picture

The bedroom used combined wallpapers, they are placed by the head of the bed. To produce a vibrant atmosphere wall is adorned with bright funny picture.

10-large bedroom

Beside the bed sticks out a beautiful white bedside table. In the bedroom is located workspace. Convenient table on wheels and can be travelled to any room. The bed is adorned with bright pillows and a mantle.

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