An apartment in an old house combined with the artist workshop located one floor up

April 4, 2014
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1-light furniture

Andrew – a student.

120 sq.m


3.3 m

Andrew moved into his apartment in 2010 to live in one house together with his brother Zhenya, whose artist workshop is one floor up. The design was developed by Kapodaki architecture studio. The premise was divided into two parts: a public zone with a kitchen combined with the living-room, and a dwelling zone with Andrew’s bedroom and a music room.

There had been four rooms, a kitchen, and a corridor in the apartment before the repair. All partitions were demolished, only bearing walls were left, finishing works were made, and furniture from Austria and Italy was ordered.

2-retro fridge

A kitchen, a room and a small corridor were combined during the repair, and the door to the bathroom was screened off.

3-round table

Four windows face a sunny side. They are shuttered when there is much light.

4-beige kitchen

5-lamp over the table

6-high gloss kitchen

7-white circles on the table

8-bright napkins

9-living room with kitchen

A place for the TV set is foreseen in the living-room.

10-convenient rack

Stacks and other interior items were made from designers’ scratches at a mini-factory in St. Petersburg.

11-gray sofa

A colored screen was made from wood and steel.

12-artificial TV

13-beautiful furniture


15-brown sofa

16-large mirror

17-the screen color

18-wooden screen

19-yellow wall


Pictures painted by Zhenya are both in the apartment and in the workshop.

21-two pictures from newspapers

22- pictures from newspapers

23-bright hall

24-spacious bedroom

There is a spacious wardrobe in Andrew’s bedroom.

25-two windows in the bedroom

26-penguins on the wall

The workshop is full of Zhenya’s works. One can see his pictures at exhibitions in St. Petersburg and in Moscow.

27-beautiful chandelier


29Russian books



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